My name is Brittany Havranek, I grew up in Lincoln, Ne and have always had a passion for clothes.  I grew up going shopping with my mom and 3 sisters, this was always our outing as kids! We always had such a fun time shopping, anywhere!  My sisters and I had always talked about opening a boutique, and would come up with names for the store as kids.

Now I am 34 with 3 kids of my own, Kinsley is 12, Blakely 4 and Huxley is 2.  My Husband and I have been married for 5 years! Our family loves being together and doing many things such as traveling, going to dinner, go to the pool and so much more!  After graduating college I have had many different opportunities in the fashion industry, but then decided to pursue helping others in the diet and wellness field.  After doing this for sometime, I fell into opening my own boutique in the basement of my house.  I named the boutique 402 & Beyond for that reason.  If you live in Lincoln or the “402” area I want to host people to come over and shop, and if you are “Beyond” the shopping is always open online.  Meeting new people, and new relationships are so fun and exciting for me, that I thought this is one way to pursue this! Plus helping people find clothes that make them happy always makes me happy!

From one busy mom to another – I see you.  You’re juggling errands, the kids, running your household, working, family time, (I could go on…) and STILL trying to make time for yourself.  That’s where 402 comes in.  We’ve got the fashion for you to look and feel your best, so that you can leave the house feeling confident that you’re ready to take on your day – whatever comes your way! 

Another aspect of 402 & Beyond was helping other women grow their own business.  Having pop up shops feating other women’s business is and has become so much more of a passion of mine!  We have done this both in person in Lincoln, and online using Facebook. Since opening 402 & Beyond I have hosted so many different parties, including salons, photo secessions, make-up, nail polish, oils, little girl dresses and so much more! Empowering women means so much to me, either by helping them get their business out there, or if it is simply just making them feel beautiful in clothing as they do their day to day tasks.  Women and/or moms have so much going on in their lives already it is so important that we pick each other up and strive each other to be our very best! 



Brittany Havranek